The Standard

A revolutionary trolling motor propeller

The Maelstrom Eddy for trolling motors will soon be available for pre-order! Go faster, farther, quieter, with agility around structure, docks and tight spaces.

  • MATERIAL: Made of high-impact, non-corroding elastomer
  • Nearly indestructible - go where others fear to tread - effortlessly goes over rocks, logs and oyster beds.
  • Won't foul, won't stop
  • A size to fit every major model of trolling motor
  • Uses 33% less power than your factory propeller 


  • 1 Maelstrom Eddy Standard for Trolling Motors
  • 1 Shaft nut
  • 1 Shaft pin (shear pin)
  • 1 information sheet with installation instructions

Our propellers will be available for pre-order very soon! Once we have a more defined production schedule, you will be able to purchase your propeller as a pre-order. If at any point you change your mind and want to cancel, we will give you a full refund. Sign up for our email list to stay tuned for more updates!

The Maelstrom warranty begins on the purchase date and covers defects in materials and manufacturing. Despite this product being as robustly designed as we can make it, our attorneys insist that any products damaged during use will not be covered by the warranty. Please enjoy wisely. Be safe out there, and may the fish be plentiful and hungry for your lures.

Maelstrom Eddy, Standard - Black Trolling propeller
Black polymer trolling propeller by Maelstrom Propellers
Angled 3d rendered product photo of the Standard Maelstrom Eddy
Flat lay top view of indestructible, fast, efficient and safe trolling propeller
Black Maelstrom Eddy laid on an ocean dock

Go twice as far as your last propeller

  • Go 25% faster at full throttle
  • 50% more fuel efficient at cruise
  • Higher Thrust: better acceleration
read more about our performance
Better Maneuverability
  • Excellent handling near docks & structure
  • Reverse thrust = forward thrust
  • Much shorter stopping distances
  • Instant acceleration forward & reverse
  • Better bite in turns
  • Maintains speed in turns


made of
Nearly Indestructible Polymer
  • Shrugs off logs, boulders, oyster beds
  • Weedless, anti-fouling
  • Non-corroding polymer
  • No repairs ever needed - designed to last longer than your boat
Top view of different colored Maelstrom Propellers

safe for people & animals

Maelstrom propellers have no sharp blades, and therefore can't cut people or wildlife.

read about our unmatched safety

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