Environmental Impact

reduced emissions

Maelstrom propellers are 50% more fuel efficient than standard propellers.

That means that Maelstrom propellers will take you twice as far on the same tank of gas compared to your last propeller. One of the biggest contributors to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is shipping vessels. In fact, if shipping vessels were their own country, they would be the 6th largest carbon dioxide contributing “country.” This drastic improvement in fuel efficiency is better for the environment, and makes boating more affordable.
Maelstrom Propeller sitting on a dock at sunset

reduced fouling

Propeller blades grab and tangle fishing lines, crab and lobster pot lines, ropes, etc. Light propeller tangling, especially of fishing line on the drive shaft, will damage seals and cause them to leak. Moderate tangling disables the boat, requiring a tow, dry dock, or a diver. Heavy propeller tangling damages costly drive components.

Maelstrom fins are much less prone to tangling because the vortex expels objects.

the impact on wildlife

Propeller injuries and deaths are rampant in the oceans. The extent has become more apparent through recent tracking efforts, and we may be finding only 10% of marine life killed by sharp, deadly props. Most marine life killed in this fashion will sink, and a small percentage will wash ashore. Marine mammals such as manatees, whales, dolphins, sharks, sea lions and sea turtles are not the only species that are at risk for propeller strikes. Protected fish species, such as sturgeon and giant manta rays, face similar threats.

Impact of boat propellers on wildlife - Maelstrom Propeller's thick fin avoids harm to wildlife
marine noise pollution

Shipping is the number-one contributor to marine noise pollution, a problem that is increasingly being appreciated. There are now growing efforts to reduce ship speeds and traffic density to reduce ship noise in some of the world’s busiest freight routes. Maelstrom’s tech is 98% quieter than the market leader, silencing the waters.

We hate how much trash is in the ocean - that's why all packaging is recycled and recyclable, including biodegradable bubble wrap.