Maelstrom Propellers are Nearly Indestructible.

Made of lightweight, non-corroding polymer, the Eddy easily shrugs off logs, boulders and oyster beds.

For 150 years, propellers’ numerous deficiencies have endured. For one, propellers are notoriously fragile. Hit a log, and your day is ruined, maybe even your week. This issue has always been accepted as a “given” for decades with insufficient redress – until now.

Maelstrom propellers are inherently robust. The blunt fin is much thicker than a conventional propeller’s thin, sharp blade, making the Maelstrom fin so stiff under load that it can be made of tough, high-impact polymers. Maelstrom fins match or exceed the stiffness of thin propeller blades made of aluminum, stainless steel, and Nibral (bronze) props — without the fragility. Maelstrom fins are nigh unkillable.

Every power boat operator has ruined days and lost money when their propeller strikes a submerged log, rock, or oyster bed. The propeller is either bent, and performance is reduced, or it is destroyed. Most boat owners carry a spare prop for these times. Worst of all, the drive train can be damaged (shaft, seals, bearings, engine) requiring expensive major repairs. In contrast, Maelstrom’s propellers are nearly indestructible owing to their robust design and their construction from impact-resistant polymers. Furthermore, these polymers absorb and damp the largest shocks of a hit, reducing the risk of damage to expensive drive train components.

Maelstrom propellers are far more robust than anything on the market.